Levitating Xbox controller themed on the “Dune: Part Two” movie is up for grabs via a competition

There’s no denying, we love everything that levitates. Consider the magical element of a floating gadget or the sheer curiosity of the working mechanism, anything that suspends in mid-air, ignites our curiosity. Of course, this levitating Xbox controller wouldn’t escape our radar.

This special edition gaming Xbox gaming controller will mark the release of Dune: Part 2 on March 1. Microsoft is labeling it as the world’s first floating Xbox controller, and we’ll agree since this is a one-of-a-kind creation. The idea behind the levitating aesthetic is to mimic the Ornithopter’s capability to hover over the Arrakis’ dunes. The good news is that you can win this one-off collectors’ piece by topping the sweepstakes competition by Microsoft on X.

Designer: Microsoft

Limited edition hardware is nothing new to Microsoft for promoting their flagship console. For the Dune edition version, the tech giant has collaborated with Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures to promote the release of Denis Villeneuve’s movie. Coming on to the levitating feature, the controller rests on a stand that floats. The visual trickery is not made clear by Microsoft but we presume magnets are used to weave the magic. Hiding behind the big sandy base that’s most likely created to aid this cool illusion.

The gaming controller has a custom finish complete with the movie logo and symbols. Similarly, the Xbox Series S console carries a vibrant design to represent the scale of Arrakis in the cosmos. It is accompanied by the Dune-themed Ornithopter Stand for the complete feel. If you are interested in rolling in for the competition jump right away to check out the official rules and eligibility details. The entry period is currently on and will go on till March 25.