This Titanium EDC Blade’s Sleek Classic Design Makes It The James Bond Of Pocket Knives

Looks can be misleading. Sure, the Titan looks like a sleek, gorgeous, gentleman’s EDC knife… but its quintessential design could fool anyone. This pocket flipper may look statesmanlike, but it’s an absolute beast on the ground. The Titan sports an S35VN steel blade, encased within a titanium handle, making it incredibly sharp, durable, and a reliable foot-soldier. It’s nimble-looking but packs a punch, has a well-balanced ergonomic form that’s a pleasure to hold, and boasts a design that’s such a modern classic, it would fit right into the tool kit of a certain Double O Seven.

Designer: Chaku LLC

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The Titan’s clean and sophisticated design make it worthy of any elite EDC collection. The form embraces a combination of minimalism and utility, giving you a knife that looks pure on the surface, but has a reputation that can only be fully grasped when you use it. The knife features a 3.1-inch drop-point blade with a curved back that gives it a beautiful silhouette. Drop point blades are classics for a reason – they’re reliable and can handle various tasks from cutting to piercing, slashing, whittling, carving, and even chopping with a rocking motion given the blade’s curved edge. They’re easy to sharpen too, although, with the Titan’s durable S35VN steel blade, sharpening shouldn’t really be much of a regular concern.

S35VN is a martensitic stainless steel that’s known for its sheer toughness and wear resistance, making it perfect for rugged blades. The Titan, however, disguises the material’s true power with its rather civilized-looking design, but if push came to shove, the Titan could even open bottles and cans, slicing comfortably through thin sheet metal without so much as worrying about losing its edge. The blade sports a stone-washed finish that gives it its gorgeous textured sheen, which sits in a matte-finish titanium handle.

The 4.1-inch titanium handle is grippy, yet lightweight, giving you a well-placed center of gravity that you’d expect from good knives. The Titan is therefore comfortable to hold in any style, with the blade facing upwards or downwards. A mildly scalloped base on the handle lets your fingers rest comfortably, and a bear lock holds the blade in place, allowing you to disengage simply by sliding a switch at the tip of the handle and gently jerking your hand to have the blade obediently rotate back into its handle.

The Titan doesn’t get too extravagant with details… which means every single detail on it was carefully thought out before being added. A thumb switch on the blade lets you deploy your knife with a simple push of your thumb. The bear lock is within access of your index finger too, giving you single-hand operation on the field. The knife sports a titanium pocket clip that complements the titanium handle perfectly, and sure, there’s a palpable lack of a lanyard hole… but that’s with reason too. The Titan isn’t designed for keychains and carabiners – it’s made for pockets of suits and tuxedos. The pocket clip therefore serves its purpose rather well, giving the Titan its “gentleman’s knife” demeanor.

Available in one color (talk about being classic), the Titan weighs 3.70z (106 grams). It retails for $250, although you can grab it at a discounted price of $154 on Kickstarter with global shipping.

Click Here to Buy Now: $154 $250 (38% off) Hurry, only 9 days left!