AYANEO’s Mini Gaming Console borrows NES persona to satisfy Retro-geeks

The AYANEO Mini PC AM01 boasting the nostalgic Mac design got the tech pundits excited and for good measure. With the looks of the classic Mac and the innards of a Windows 11 PC, the cool little desk accessory is a gaming console at large for gamers who love retro flavors.

When we first got you acquainted with this little bundle of joy, there were already talks of the Retro Mini PC AM02 which emulates the design of the classic NES. A mini PC at heart, this one too balances out the retro and contemporary design scheme to perfection. Obviously, Nintendo fans will fancy this one over the AM01, but other users will also be drawn by its 4-inch touchscreen, considering most of the rivals don’t offer this luxury.

Designer: AYANEO

This mini gaming console blends unique design aesthetics with high-performance hardware without any compromise in the compact form factor. Keep it on your desk or mount it on a wall or anything in the vicinity, the mini gaming console weighing just 538g is equally impressive. The recreated front cover tactfully hides all the input/output ports for a clean look which is another resounding plus. This cover can be click opened with a red button opposite the power button, adding to the cool trickery.

The on-board AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS APU, DDR5 RAM (16/32 GB) and 512GB/1TB SSD on the AM02 are well-equipped for PC gaming or tasks like video editing or music composition. To keep the internal temperature down, the mini gaming console has a potent four-copper pipe heat dissipation structure, aided by the 45W large-size turbine fan. Coming onto the screen it displays vital statistics for nerds including CPU data, current FPS, temperature and fan speed. For normal users, a left swipe on the screen toggles the view to the current date and time. One more swipe displays the virtual volume control and the option to toggle the display on or off.

For gamers, the company has an in-built launcher or you can use your own preferred launcher like the Launchbox/BigBox to run Steam or Epic titles, but that option requires a bit of working around. The AYANEO Mini PC AM01 will set you back anywhere between $440 – $630 depending on the chosen configuration. For that starting price you can get yourself a PS5, so the mini gaming console is at a more premium spectrum of the market choices.