OMG High-Tech Hopscotch!

Show of hands, how many of you played hopscotch? I’m not ashamed to admit I still do much to my neighbor’s dismay because chalked up sidewalks somehow irritate people. It washes off people! To insatiate my “tech” side, designer Hye-Lim Jeon created the Dream Beam, a device that projects the all too familiar four-squares and hopscotch courts without the mess of chalk. It’s old school play done the 21st century way (hehe, it rhymes). Still, there’s something satisfying about drawing your own chalk line.

Designer: Hye-Lim Jeon


  • Anonymous says:

    part of the fun in hopscotch is actually getting the chalk and drawing it yourself…

  • xonegon says:

    when the child jumps in front of a part the beam, the backpart won’t be vissible…

  • rayelle says:

    dream beam… hehe the name is funny, but seriously i don’t think this will work… for the reason mentioned above.

  • Eric says:

    Ya no, I like using chalk! I mean I love projectors too, but not for this use…

  • Owen Song says:

    I want to buy this for my kids!
    Where can I buy this fantastic one?

  • gsnf says:

    the whole point of it is the chalk!

    Wait! I get it now.

    Bring out this soulless techno hop scotch so that someone else can market soulfully “designed”, hand-drawn, artisanal hop scotch. It’s brilliant!

  • Lamah says:

    There is no way such a projection will be visible in daylight.

    • Eric says:

      I guess this could bring the game indoors! Especially when it’s raining and you can’t use chalk….

  • zippyflounder says:

    let see, a $39.95 bit of tech (soon to be in the trash) vrs a $0.02 bit of chalk….no contest.

    the chalk is cheap, needs no batteries or chargers, auto recycles and promotes creativity and “coloring out side the lines”….game, set and match to chalk.

  • mandy says:

    Brilliant!!! But the feedback here, has good point to consider.

    I love korean designer’s.. they design really cool stuff!

  • Duke Nicono says:

    What an awesome idea! People people people… come on. Part of the idea is that this can be used indoors. How many of you use chalk on your home floors?? I think it’s a fantastic concept. Get kids’ juices flowing indoors… bravo Ms. Jeon=)

  • Carl says:

    a disgrace, an utter disgrace… not only the concept of using technology for then when naturally occurring chalk will do but even physically. This concept leans back making the angle of projection much more acute. You are not projecting onto a surface at 90 deg to the projector. this will mean the line furthest away will be very fuzzy and stretched. Indoors kids would prefer a Wii. if you gave them this instead they would disown you. Its a concept without thought or research or testing. its a pipedream, better yet a crock.

  • Eric says:

    You know thinking about it, if there were a whole crap load of sidewalk chalk games that existed this could be cool by incorporating them all, but what else is there really that’s popular besides hopscotch? A whole separate, mass produced plastic projector for one kind of game, really? That’s all it does? Can it yell at you if you go out of bounds; keep track of scores for you, nothing?

    • zippyflounder says:

      sorry, kids need to have their creativity excercised, and that means less tech not more.

      • Eric says:

        No apology necessary. I wouldn’t expect you to know what kids want anyway. Maybe you have an opinion of what they need, but it wont change their wants. And who says their creativity can’t be exercised with the help of tech? In this case maybe, but that can’t stand for every children’s tech item… Just ask Leap Frog.

  • Carl says:

    i am warming to eric..

  • jamini says:

    so cute. Love it.

  • ryu says:

    The projection angle was wrong.

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