Split Induction Cooking Top integrates chopping board and other utilities

Every home chef’s nightmare is a kitchen with little space and not enough stoves to do some soulful cooking. I’ve come to realize that most people don’t consider the workflow of a prep station, cooking area and assembling area, even when they have the space to do so. No wonder their kitchens look like a disaster after they are done cooking their meals. Perhaps, this is the reason why I like the Split Induction Cooking Top – which is super compact but considers the workflow and cooking multiple dishes at the same time.

Derived from the Plug & Play concept, the induction top is divided into the stowing area, cutting/chopping (or prep area) and cooking area. The design of the induction stove is such that three cook-tops swivels and are stored one under each other.

They fan out beautifully, making space for three people to cook together at one go. You will understand the concept better, once you see how well it’s been designed, and every detail, thought through.

Ideal for flat-mates and students who live in pigeon holes on campus… get a chance to do more than just cooking instant noodles!

Designer: Julius Pang