Designed for professionals, Dyson Supersonic r has a redesigned heater for precise hair drying and styling

After revolutionizing vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, Dyson has become a design language for most of us. This is aligned with the company’s philosophy of pioneering technologies that stand out for their authenticity and innovation, whether it is the bagless vacuum, air purifier, or Supersonic hair dryer.

The Supersonic is now redesigned for the professionals in the USA. The new Supersonic r hair dryer will be exclusively available for certified stylists starting April 2024, while individuals like us will have to wait a little longer to get our hands on this reworked blow dryer.

Designer: Dyson

Designed to be half the size of the original Supersonic, the r – which is symbolic of its lower case “r”-like shape – is reckoned the lightest and most precise hair dryer from the design house. To stand true to the claims perhaps, Dyson has stuck with the professional stylist exclusive offering only. After finding a sweet spot here, Dyson knows, the sales will skyrocket the moment it opens retails.

Beyond the size and design that would make the hair dryer more comfortable to use and easier to control, the Supersonic r, comes with a re-engineered heater that bends at the end of the shaft, along the hair dryer’s r shape to ensure even heat airflow. The heater tech is the first of its kind in the industry that along with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors, makes Supersonic r a special product in the category.

The RFID sensors can communicate with the Supersonic r to allow the pro stylist to adjust the heater and Hyperdymium motor to a precise temperature and airflow. On board, there are three airflow controls and four heat modes for the user to toggle. With the benefits of precise heat and airflow, the blow drying is made effortless with no heat damage to the hair, which is further ensured with a range of attachments for varied styling needs: from quick hair drying to defining curls all for an asking price of $570. The Supersonic r was unveiled recently at the New York Fashion Week.