Beepers are BACK

On your wrist. In a moment I’ll get to the main function of this bracelet – but first: when you get an email, you get a notification of it on the bottom of the display. That’s it. Just like a beeper.

Also, the main function of this bracelet is to be a watch that appears to be a simple bangle, where in fact, when you run your finger through the hole, the time is displayed. Wowie!

I wonder if you, the watchmaking community, takes this as a super big major insult to your craft? Is part of designing a wristwatch making it appealing to the eye? Is there a need for an alternative?

“Technology is cyclical!” –Dennis Duffy

Designers: Andy Kurovets


  • Luke says:

    Not to be a sourpuss, but wouldn’t a tone and a shake from the phone in your pocket accomplish the same thing? Besides that, I fail to see how this device is different enough from current bluetooth watches.

  • matt says:

    some sort of an explanation or showing it on the user’s arm would be quite helpful…..right now its just some amoeba in space

  • p says:

    functionality of the device aside, this form is downright bitchin’. I can’t stop looking at it. There’s too much minimalism in design these days, I want more balls-out aesthetics like this. that reflected wishbone frame with all those convex/concave alternating surfaces…ooh, I need a towel. I wish more of the treatment had been applied through the end of the bangle arms, though. You really loose visual energy beyond the face (just nitpicking) Modeling must have been a pill, but the result is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  • Damian says:

    How can these watches be purchaced?

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