Smart tea bottle lets you brew your calming beverage anywhere you go

Coffee is often touted as the fuel that runs the world, but not everyone is a lover of the brown liquid. For others, tea is what gets them going, whether perking them up for the work ahead or putting them in a more relaxed state. But just like coffee, good tea isn’t something you can just make any time, even though it’s technically a bit easier to steep and infuse tea leaves compared to coffee beans that still have to be ground. Keeping the freshly brewed tea still fresh when and where you actually want to drink it can also be a bit of a problem, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. This portable smart bottle solves all of that by letting you brew your favorite tea anywhere you need it and keeping it warm so you can enjoy it all day, wherever you go.

Designer: Bota

To be fair, you can actually brew tea anywhere as long as you have all the necessary pieces, which include the tea leaves, a way to boil water, and a brewing chamber to steep the leaves in the water. The problem is that you need to bring that many pieces with you, which is almost the same as saying you can’t. That’s where Bota comes in, an all-in-one smart tea bottle that lets you do all of those, keep your brewed tea hot, and let you enjoy your favorite flavors as you go about your day or even night.

Bota includes everything you need in a single bottle. It holds and then boils water at the specific temperature you need for brewing. It has a steeping chamber to hold the tea leaves separately from the rest of the bottle, allowing for hassle-free cleaning afterward. And it can keep that tea hot for about 12 hours, presuming you don’t finish that delight cup before then. Drink a hot cup of tea any time or brew a fresh batch when you get the chance. All you need are the tea leaves and water.

Despite all those features mashed together, Bota manages to come in a sleek and portable form, making it easy to throw the bottle in your bag when you’re in a rush (after you’ve securely closed the lid, of course). There are no complicated buttons either, just a single touch screen and button to set the temperature and start the boil. It’s a stress-free experience for making a drink that’s associated with calmness and relaxation.

There’s also an indirect sustainability angle to this portable device that also gives you a good feeling while you take a sip. You produce less waste by doing away with single-use cups and using tea leaves directly, so you can make as much tea as you want without adding to the planet’s trash problem. This way, you can relax and enjoy your favorite drink knowing that you’re healthy lifestyle doesn’t come at the cost of the Earth’s health.