A Paper Cat Tower To Keep Your Feline Friends Engaged And Embrace The Royalty They Deserve

Looking almost like a shipping container home for cats, this quaint little box-shaped shelter employs stiff paper boards that come together wonderfully to create robust yet lightweight boxes for your feline friends to rest in, paw at, and potentially even play around on top of. Using sustainable materials (that can then be composted after their time is over), the boxes stack up wonderfully, creating everything cats need, from multiple entry points to elevated vantage points, and even a hanging toy to keep those curious little critters entertained!

Designer: HyeongJin YoonByungJun Lee, and Maro S

At the heart of Cat Box’s construction lies the innovative use of honeycomb board, a sturdy material that blends a core and honeycomb structure between plywood layers. Compressed with finishing materials on both the front and back, honeycomb board is an environmentally friendly choice, aligning seamlessly with the contemporary trend of embracing recyclable and reusable paper-based materials. This not only ensures the well-being of our feline companions but also contributes to a sustainable and eco-conscious approach to pet product design.

Creating a haven for feline royalty necessitates a thoughtful consideration of space utilization. Cat Box excels in this aspect by ingeniously designing vertical spaces, such as walls or ceilings, to accommodate cat-friendly areas. Recognizing that for cats, elevated viewpoints in vertical spaces are of paramount importance, Cat Box stands as a testament to the understanding of feline behavior and needs.

The centerpiece of the feline kingdom, a cat tower, serves as both a cozy retreat and an engaging playground. Designed with a keen awareness of cats’ natural inclination for heights, the cat tower not only provides a lofty vantage point but also a snug haven for rest and play within the cat kingdom. This unique structure becomes an essential element, offering feline residents the perfect combination of comfort and activity.

Cat Box goes beyond the ordinary by incorporating playboards on its sides, catering to the whims and fancies of our discerning feline friends. These boards seamlessly alternate between nose workboards and scratchboards, ensuring that the kingdom administrators are always attuned to the preferences of their furry residents. This thoughtful addition enhances the overall experience, turning Cat Box into a multifaceted haven for our regal companions.

The hanging toy, strategically placed within Cat Box’s vertical spaces, captures the attention of our feline residents. With their curiosity piqued the cats approach this small and special toy with eager eyes, examining its various colored elements. This delightful feature adds an extra layer of stimulation, creating an interactive environment that keeps our feline friends entertained and engaged.

For the overseer of the feline kingdom, Cat Box offers a convenient cat carrier, allowing them to go outside with their regal pals. Inside the carrier, plush cushions await, meticulously prepared to cater to the discerning preferences of our royal felines. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that even the journey beyond the kingdom’s borders remains a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our cherished companions.

Cat Box is a harmonious blend of elegance, innovation, and functionality in the realm of feline products. Crafted with care and consideration, this paper cat tower offers a unique and enchanting experience for both cats and their devoted human companions, redefining the standards of feline luxury in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.