LEGO version of ‘Settlers of Catan’ is PERFECT for brick-lovers and board-game nerds

The iconic game Settlers of Catan is entirely about building a community… so why not go the distance and build the game from scratch using LEGO? This MoC (My Own Creation) from AthleticSkylor088 gives you creative control like never before, letting you build out your game in ways never imaginable previously. By relying on LEGO bricks instead of the conventional 2D board, this unique build lets you turn your game into a brick-based microcosm, with 3D details, plants, fields, humans, animals, and every detail you’d expect from the popular board game!

Designer: AthleticSkylor088

“Starting out with almost nothing, gathering materials, and building settlements is all part of the great game of CATAN. Building your own towns and cities is a lot of fun, so why not play in the form of LEGO bricks?” asks AthleticSkylor088. “Build your very own CATAN board and biomes,” he adds.

The beauty of the board game lies in the fact that it pops out of the board, immersing you in depth and detail. AthleticSkylor088 hasn’t detailed how many bricks are used in this build, but the fact that it’s so hyper-customizable means you can play around with details, make them more realistic or artistic, or even go off the deep end and build a futuristic version with cyberpunk biomes. Although that would stray a little too far from the original, the fact that it’s possible (and that it looks this adorable) is what makes this LEGO build such a charming one.

Mine for ore inside these LEGO mountains

Watch as the sheep graze on the field

Observe the farmers tending to their wheat fields

Avoid the robbers in the desert

Watch the masons molding the bricks

Multiple pieces offer the entire Catan experience, from roads to bricks, timber, and animals.

This, however, isn’t the first time we’ve come across a LEGO version of a playable board game. Many LEGO MoC builders have made a variety of popular games, like chess, Go, Scrabble, and even Monopoly… although one has to admit, there’s a distinct charm to this particular iteration of Catan.

AthleticSkylor088’s LEGO Settlers of Catan board game is currently on the LEGO Ideas forum, where fans and enthusiasts can not only build out their own unique LEGO creations but can even vote for their favorite ones. With over 3000 votes under its belt, the LEGO Settlers of Catan is well on its way to hit the coveted 10,000 vote mark, following which it will get an internal review by LEGO’s own team and then will hopefully be turned into a box set that anyone can buy and build. Click here if you want to vote for this MoC.