With single-piece fiberglass shell, Bean Stock 2.0 is most capable ultralightweight off-road teardrop trailer

Teardrop trailers have their own drive and dwelling convenience on the road. This is distinguishable from other forms of camping solutions for their size, weight, and price. There are a number of lightweight teardrop trailers adventurers have been using to their advantage but not many have the grit to go off the paved roads with equal expediency. Presenting a light and robust solution for the needs is the new Bean Stock 2.0.

Designed by Bean Trailers, founded in 2016 by Mark and Brian, who have been designing trailers with durability and minimalism in mind, the Bean Stock 2.0 is another rugged and lightweight teardrop trailer that can take the habitants to pretty much anywhere they desire.

Designer: Ben Trailers

I said there are three primary advantages that teardrop trailers carry over the other camping rigs, and the Bean Stock 2.0 fits the bill with its fiberglass body that renders the tiny trailer lightweight at 1,175 lbs. The construction ensures the trailer is fundamentally affordable in its stock variant yet its ruggedness makes it a capable off-roader. How is that possible is discussed further in the article.

The teardrop has a one-piece fiberglass shell with composite honeycomb side walls, while the former is not customary, the latter is a prerequisite in Bean Trailers’ models. Bean Stock 2.0 given the solid, lightweight design is built for the toughest and roughest trails. To that accord, the structure is slimmer and capable of being towed behind any small SUVs like the Subaru Forester, Ford Escape and similar.

The stock model of Bean Stock 2.0 is off-road ready with 2,000-pound HD suspension and 15-inch wheels. But it is the customizable option that allows    3,500-pound suspension and bigger tires with more ground clearance that add to the off-track capability. All the features are nothing without the interiors you want to be in after a long day’s drive. The Stock 2.0 is equally fashioned inside also, which absolutely revolves around the 60-inch x 80-inch queen-sized mattress facing a wide window filling the living space with natural light during the day, the warm-tone recessed lighting keeps the ambiance lifted after the sun goes down.

For all its wonderful features and interesting design, the Bean Stock 2.0 is available in a choice of 18 different colors. The entry-level variant of the rugged teardrop trailer starts at $15,999 and the customizable option with all add-ons onboard spikes the price to over the $20,000 mark.