Vollebak’s newest hat can protect you from all elements forever

One aspect of ethical fashion, aside from how clothes are made, is also the sustainability of the clothing item itself. This means that the item should be long lasting so you don’t need to constantly change or update the pieces, therefore making you consume less. Vollebak is one such brand that prides itself in long lasting and “future-proof” fashion, coming up with pieces that are not just sustainably made but can last you years or maybe even forever. Their newest item is called the Planet Earth Hat V2 and it is headwear for all seasons, literally.

Designer: Vollebak

The hat is aptly named as it is able to be one with the planet when it comes to sustainable clothing as well as protect you from all the harsh elements you may encounter when traveling or going on adventures. The design is based on the boonie hat that military personnel wear but it has been enhanced with materials that can fit you whether you’re going to the jungle, desert, mountain, beach, trail, or maybe even just walking around the city. It is water repellent, fire resistant, quick drying, and is able to give you UPF 30+ UV-A, and UV-B protection.

It is made from 47% Kanecaron, a Japanese modacrylic fiber that is able to withstand fire and is also self-extinguishing. It is then woven with ultra thin carbon fibre filaments so that it gets an advanced ripstop to make the hat stronger. It also comes with a sunshield to protect your neck but in case you don’t need it, you can remove it easily and then re-attach it when needed as it uses military grade Velcro. There are also 36 vents built in and a soft, breathable mesh inside the lining so you get at least a bit of cooling feeling when in hot and humid weather.

The Planet Earth hat is probably not something you’ll need for every day use, unless you trek through deserts and other places with extreme weather regularly. But it is something that you should definitely have, especially if you believe in Vollebak’s philosophy and you’ve also tried out some of their other pieces of futuristic and future-proof clothing like jackets, pants, belts, and other hats. If you want something that will last you maybe forever and you have almost $400 to spare, then you can check it out.