Fashion Fluctuation!


Fashion is fickle. What works today, may not work tomorrow. Which is why it was high time fashion got modular. The Dooq brings modularity to women’s footwear, allowing one sandal to take many different avatars, based on their look. The designers behind Dooq talk about wanting to create a ground-breaking movement in fashion that stems from the need to consume less. Studies show women spend money on their shoes, but not many of them get worn as much as they need to. The Dooq changes all that, allowing one sole to to be worn multiple times, with the upper elements changing based on the wearer’s choice and fashion sensibilities.

The Dooq comes with a variety of straps and embellishments, all of which can be magnetically attached and removed with ease. The design however, makes sure that they don’t come apart while walking. The Dooq even does the impossible feat (feet, feat, get it?!) of giving comfort and ergonomics due importance. The environment-friendly EVA sole is designed to effectively absorb shock, and make walking much more comfortable. I’d love to hear what the ladies of the YD family think!

Designer: Dooq Sandals