Samsung’s ‘First Look’ at CES includes some of their most Uniquely Innovative displays

Set against the backdrop of the Augustus Ballroom at the Caesar’s Palace, Samsung unveiled its entire lineup for CES this year. From new versions of the Freestyle Projector to showcasing the behemoth Odyssey Ark Gen 2, there was a lot to lay eyes on (some could even marvel the Neo QLED TVs on display), but our eyes caught the most unique exhibits on the floor. Samsung’s undoubtedly the juggernaut in the display category, and when it flexes, it absolutely shows. The company showcased its latest transparent MicroLED tech, put its massive curved monitors on full blast, and even reintroduced us to the elegant Serif and Sero TVs.

Designer: Samsung

The Transparent MicroLED was impressive on its own, but even more so when showcased beside the other transparent displays from Samsung. When kept beside Transparent OLEDs and Transparent LEDs, the differences were quite literally between day and night. The MicroLEDs have much better illumination and color, while the OLEDs look frankly like yesterday’s news in comparison. The LCDs don’t have a light source of their own, resulting in a display that was dark and dull without the backlight. Notably, aside from being the brightest and most vibrant, the Transparent MicroLEDs also had virtually no bezels on the side, resulting in an edge-to-edge experience.

The other goliaths to make their appearance at the First Look event were the Odyssey Ark Gen 2 (shown above), and the Odyssey G9 (below). The Ark display, which made its appearance earlier last year, stood tall with its massive 55″ screen boasting a 4K resolution and the ability to rotate into portrait mode, transforming instantly into a multi-screen display (because who really needs 55 inches of landscape vision, amirite?) The Ark Gen 2’s ability to work as a multi-screen display (when in portrait) is perhaps its most useful feature… but for people looking for an immersive landscape monitor, the 49″ Odyssey G9 gives you all the immersion your eye really needs, as the world’s first 32:9 aspect ratio OLED gaming monitor.

Finally, Samsung also flexed its design chops with the Serif and Sero, some of their more visual-focused TVs that aren’t just about hardware chops. The Serif, which made its appearance years ago, got an elegant makeover, still retaining its shelf-like design with the typography-inspired side profile. The Sero, on the other had, is best known for being able to rotate into portrait mode for watching vertical content (especially social media). Unlike the Odyssey Ark Gen 2, however, it doesn’t bend to capture your entire periphery. However, the fact that it comes with its own easel stand makes it a perfect addition to most rooms.