This 7-in-1 Titanium Carabiner has an emergency feature that could save your life

Most carabiners are designed for strength, some have multitools built into them, but the KeyUnity KU02 is cut from a different cloth. Sure it’s made from titanium which bestows upon it high strength and durability, but the KU02 also sports a sharp spear-tip edge that works as an ideal self-defense tool or even an emergency glass-breaker to let you make a quick exit. Yes, it also has two built-in wrenches (one of which doubles as a hex driver) and a keychain holder, but let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly the KU02’s most ‘exciting’ features now are they…

Designer: KeyUnity

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The first thing that jumps out with the KU02 is that design. It’s carabiner-shaped, but assumes a more tactical form factor thanks to that pointed tip. The entire thing is made from CNC machined titanium with a stone-washed finish, which means you know it’ll be durable for sure. The carabiner’s arm is made from titanium too, and relies on a clever design feature to give it its spring-loaded action. The carabiner can easily be strung along your belt for outdoor adventures, attached to your backpack during travel, or even placed in a tool-kit if that’s how you prefer to organize your EDC.

The carabiner’s pointed tip is where a lot of its appeal lies. Not only does it allow the KU02 to work as a pry-tool, it’s great for emergencies and tactical use too. Wear the carabiner around your finger and the tip becomes like a push-dagger of sorts, allowing you to defend yourself in a sticky situation, or even make a quick escape by punching through glass windows or panes. It isn’t as effective as a tungsten-carbide alloy tip, which can break through eve laminated glass in a single strike, but the titanium tip can definitely cause some damage with sustained attacks.

Other features include the two hexagonal slots on the KU02’s side – one for docking 1/4″ hex bits, and another which serves as an M4 wrench. Together, these form the utilitarian features in the KU02, allowing you to disassemble, reassemble, and repair stuff around you. Jimping around the edges gives your thumb and fingers enough textured gripping power, and when you’re not using the hex tools, the hole serves as a nifty key-ring slot, allowing you to string your keys into the KU02.

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