Portable special seat helps kids with physical issues seat comfortably

While there are child seats in a lot of restaurants, not all of them are suited for kids that may have some developmental or physical issues. Parents may have to bring special seating for their child but not all of them are practical or portable so it can be a pain. Fortunately, there are countries like Japan that actually subsidize custom-made supportive chairs for children who need extra support to sit comfortably. So we see product developers in the country come up with better solutions for parents and their children.

Designer: Ikou

The Ikou Portable Chair is an improvement on the supportive chairs that have been around in Japan since the 80s. Previously, these chairs were meant for home use but this one is something that parents can carry around for use in places that may not have adequate seating for their children. It is created for toddlers and young children to help them have a more stable sitting position and it can also be attached to an adult chair so they can do activities like watch sports, camping, picnicking, and even just simply sitting with family and friends.

It is also pretty practical as you can carry it around like a regular bag when it’s folded into its case. When you need to use, you just open and unpack and secure the seat and backrest using the two belts that are attached to it. It also has an adjustable height and backrest and has a tilt mechanism that can be adjusted up to 20 degrees. The seat is designed to raise and stabilize the pelvis so as to help with their posture as well. The backrest meanwhile supports the shoulder blade to help control their upper limbs.

The Ikou Portable Chair is compatible for children as young as 7 months old and up to 3 years old. The great thing is that the backrest and headrest can be adjusted as the child grows so there’s no need to buy a new one as they grow older. This is available exclusively in Japan though so you’ll have to ask someone to buy it for you there if you’re not from the country.