It’s Okay To Be A Habitual Popper

There was a time when I myself suffered from acute bubble wrap pop syndrome. Yes all the signs were there. Something about not stopping until every last bubble was popped. I grew out of that phase but for those whom still suffer, maybe the POMP coffee table is for you.

It stands alone as a sculptural piece, beautiful enough without any vases or candles. Its therapeutic side offers us bubble poppers refuge. Its surface is covered in soft malleable bumps inviting you to press down on them. Now when your hands need something proper to do instead of figiting, go ahead and give the POMP a pinch.

Designer: Herme Monica Garcia


  • Nickolas Titkov says:

    They are two designers: Herme Ciscar & Mónica Garsía. POMP table is a work of 2004 year. They participated on London Design Week this year with a collection of red ceiling lamps.

  • Matei says:

    bubble popper! let me press!!!

  • Avin says:

    NICE…. but not functional…. my cups won’t sit properly on it… unless i have matching cups.. it will look so awesome… very good for meeting rooms i must say… great stress reliever ….

  • Lia says:

    I love popping bubble wrap! This is so cool!

  • phil says:

    but it doesn’t pop! surely that is the best part about bubble wrap. pushing bubbles that don’t pop would surely just add to your frustration.

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