Colorful stool is made from 80% recycled plastic

When it comes to functional pieces of furniture, we probably go for items that are able to serve their function (and are most likely affordable) and are not really that concerned with the design or aesthetics. But the past years, a lot of people have also been concerned with how these items are made, specifically with the materials used to create them as we become more conscious about our personal carbon footprint and the things taht we consume.

Designer: Alexander Latersztain for Derlot

The original Stump stool from Derlot were already interesting enough with their “bold, minimalist and uncomplicated” take on this piece of furniture that lets us sit. Now the newest version is the Stump Recycled which carries the same basic structure of the stool but is now made from 80% recycled post-industrial plastic LDPE. And if you’re the type that would go for furniture that’s made sustainability then this should be right up your alley.

Because of the material it’s made from, you also get a different design. The patterns on the stools feature a terrazzo-like design which makes it more textured and colorful look. The original Stump stools had pretty solid colors but this time around you have the option to have a seat with a kaleidoscope-like finish. This is their “fresh interpretation” of how you can use recycled materials to enhance your design as well.

Derlot says that more than just a stool that you can sit on, this is a symbol of their commitment to pursue more sustainable design and production. I don’t know how long I can last sitting on this stool though as it’s small and doesn’t look that comfortable but sure, for sustainability, it’s a pretty interesting piece of furniture to have.