Half-folded lamp brings back memories of paper toys and makeshift tents

Who said lamps have to be tall structures or well-formed shapes that spread their light perfectly, either in all directions or in a single trajectory? Of course, more utilitarian lighting does need to follow certain requirements, but those that aim to set the mood have more freedom to express themselves in other, sometimes imperfect ways. This table lamp, for example, isn’t going to help you with your reading or your work, but will probably tickle your imagination or bring up sweet, playful memories thanks to its rather unusual shape that is reminiscent of the folded paper toys that we make in our childhood.

Designer: Jihoon Shim

At first glance, you’d probably not even think of this piece of folded aluminum as a lamp. It looks more like a sheet of metal that was haphazardly folded diagonally to create an incomplete pyramid that could topple over at any minute. Of course, the shape and fold of the design are carefully made to ensure a stable form, but it’s that visual sense of instability and misalignment that gives it a playful and whimsical character.

That becomes even more apparent once you turn on the lamp in a dark room. Most of the light naturally comes out from the large opening in front, but there are also a few rays that slip through the bottom gap produced by the uneven fold of the structure. If the shape of the lamp in the daytime reminds one of clumsily folded paper toys, the light at night might make some remember the makeshift tents they build indoors and the incandescent lights they turn on to read in the dark or scare their friends during those slumber parties.

The material chosen for the lamp also contributes to its unfinished appearance. Instead of hard stainless steel, anodized aluminum was chosen instead, giving it an almost industrial and raw appeal. It also diffuses the light in a unique way, making it bounce off rough surfaces rather than the shiny and almost perfect surface of stainless steel. The Half Lamp is an interesting way to add a special nighttime atmosphere to a room, generating not just light but also a bit of joy while you dream of happy childhood days.