IKEA DAJLIEN exercise and fitness gear will fill your home gym with pastel hues in 2024

Arguably, the COVID-19 pandemic has made some dramatic changes to our lifestyle. A prominent one, personally experienced, is the curtailed visits to the gym. In the post-pandemic era, therefore, there has been a tremendous rise in home gyms and the probable equipment to fill them up. To that accord, IKEA wants to pitch in. But the Swedish furniture giant has its own way of doing it. It doesn’t want you to have a separate room for your gym, in fact, every bit of the furniture and equipment humbly adjusts wherever you keep it.

Enter the pastel-colored DAJLIEN collection: A consortium of 19 compact and versatile gear you can use as part of your living and exercising routine. The equipment here is not extraordinary; each one of them is easily identifiable and usable, like the options we have had over the years. The only difference is, that the fantabulous collection includes stress relief and recovery gear.

Designer: IKEA

Made with the idea to help people live a more active lifestyle without the use of metal bars or drives to the gyms. The collection is making heads turn at the Art Basel Miami, where it is on showcase, before being available for purchase in January 2024. Before you head that way, be familiar with the expansive assortment of products on the list.

IKEA is offering equipment in a colorful blend of subtle green, yellow, and white, which allows it to gel naturally with the home and everyday environment. These include ring-shaped dumbbells, exercise mats, and step-up boards, which can all be stacked away when not in use. Interestingly, the collection has an air purifier, slippers, two distinct ponchos, a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker for post-workout sessions, and kneepads, yoga straps, and more for recovery.

The highlight of the DAJLIEN is a wooden bench that doubles as storage. Designed to help with a range of bench exercises, it can allow the user to store the gear in the bench by lifting the lid. Beneath, the bench has a non-slip mat and it comes with a clean top so it can be used as a coffee table at home. All-in-all the collection, with all the gear, included, helps bridge the gap between home and active life and gives users another reason to invite IKEA into their homes.