Brew Perfect Cold-Brew Coffee in Your Fridge with This Gorgeous All-in-One Glass Carafe

Making cold-brew just became less annoying, messy, and time-consuming. Shelbru’s carafe design lets you make and serve cold coffee right inside it without those annoying filter bags dripping all over the place. Each carafe makes enough coffee concentrate for 3 jugs of cold-brew, with a dual-layer metal filtration system that does the job of a disposable coffee filter without creating single-use waste. Store, Sift, Brew, and Serve. Shelbru’s brewing carafe is accompanied by its family of containers that manage the entire coffee process from bean to brew. In the end, you’re left with the easiest, smoothest cold-brew concentrate that you can either pour over ice, into milk, or add to a hot cup of water for a luxurious-tasting Americano without those burnt coffee notes.

Designer: Shelbru

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The cold-brew process seems easy – just chuck coffee in water and leave it in the fridge – but it’s a process that can get annoyingly messy without the right technique or equipment. Sure, you could add your coffee grounds in a bottle of water, but you’d still have to drip-filter it, which can add hours more to an already long brewing process. Alternatively, just chuck a ‘cold brew’ bag of coffee into your water and let it infuse over a period of 12-24 hours, but then you need to fish the bag out, making sure it doesn’t drip all over your kitchen, before throwing it in the trash. To solve for this, the folks at Shelbru designed a simple system that takes you from start to end of your cold-brew process. The Shelbru System features a series of containers for effectively storing beans and grounds, for brewing coffee in the fridge, and then enjoying in all its golden caffeinated glory later. All the containers come made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, and are designed as a family of products with universal interchangeable lids that make them incredibly easy to use.

The system starts with Shelbru’s Smart Canister, a container with an active vacuum-sealing lid that stores your coffee beans in a pristine air-free environment to prevent them from oxidizing and developing any off flavors. The beans stay the freshest they can possibly be for longer… and yes, you can use the Smart Canister to store other perishables too, from cookies to cornflakes and beyond. The Smart Canister’s lid has a single-button interface that activates the vacuum, expelling air and moisture from inside the container. Moreover, a sensor in the lid actively monitors the container’s internal pressure too, and a simple push of the button again releases the vacuum, letting you open the canister with ease.

If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a coffee wonk, the Shelbru Sifter lets you quickly sift your coffee grounds so that you’re left with a uniform batch of coffee for brewing. The Sifter features a shorter glass container with a sieve built into its lid. The sieve lets you quickly separate the larger coffee particles from the smaller ones, ensuring your brew (either hot or cold) has a uniform taste. The Sifter comes with two interchangeable filters – 500µm and 800µm – that let you adjust the consistency of your grind based on whether you’re priming it for an espresso machine or a French press.

Shelbru’s Brewer and Carafe are perhaps the two heroes in the picture here, making the entire cold-brew process as simple as waiting and pouring. This dynamic duo allow you to use your own coffee grounds to create cold-brew right in your fridge, without any extra effort or hassle. The Brewer features Shelbru’s standard borosilicate outer vessel, along with a dual-filter metal insert that holds your coffee grounds and water. Attach the insert to the Brewer’s vessel and fill it up with your coffee before topping it off with water. Close the Brewer with a lid and place it on your kitchen counter or in the fridge, and the water gets infused with the mellow flavors of the coffee that are signature to the cold-brew experience.

The insert features a double filter lining, comprising an inner 600 wire mesh and an outer 500µm filter. These replace your disposable paper filter, allowing the water to get infused with the coffee flavor before filtering out into the borosilicate vessel. Once your brew is ready, pop off the lid, take the insert out and place it on the upturned lid which acts as a coaster to collect any dripping liquid. Empty out the coffee grounds and rinse the insert and it’s as good as new. Simultaneously, you’re left with a jar of coffee that you can either store in the fridge for later, or enjoy by transforming the jar into a Carafe.

A Carafe Lid attaches onto your borosilicate jar, giving you a perfect pour without making a mess anywhere. Perfect for elegantly measuring and pouring your brew, the Carafe lid is Shelbru’s final step in giving you that perfect cold brew every time. Conversely, pop that lid from earlier back on and your cold-brew can last for up to two weeks in the fridge.

Shelbru’s entire family of products help you on your coffee-making journey, ensuring an expert brew whether you’re a novice or expert. The Smart Canister and Sifter are ideal for storing and sifting your coffee before hot/cold brewing cycles, and the Brewer (which can also transform into the Carafe) is perhaps the simplest, easiest, and most sustainable way to make cold-brew right in your fridge. No more disposable coffee filters, and definitely no more going to a café for what you can make at home!

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $80 (51% off) Grab yours now!