Stay Fresh Anytime, Anywhere with Stylish Wearable Aroma Diffuser Pins

The sense of smell is easily taken for granted compared to sight and even hearing, but odors and scents actually have an often subtle yet significant effect on our moods and even our health. Bad smells can throw us off our equilibrium, while aromatic scents can either soothe or energize us. Unfortunately, we have little to no control over what we smell or even how we smell during the day, not unless we carry a bottle of perfume with us all the time. A more practical solution would be to have a tiny amount of your favorite fragrance on or near you throughout the day, which is what this ingenious pin offers in an inconspicuous button-shaped design.

Designer: Cement Produce Design for ALMA

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Aromatic oil diffusers have become quite fashionable these days, coming in all shapes, sizes, and features. All of them, however, are confined to being used in rooms, often placed on a flat surface like a table or shelf. You could bring a small bottle of your favorite oil with you, but those oils are quite strong if you don’t find a way to diffuse the scent, which is what a diffuser is made for. Portable aroma diffusers are, unfortunately, still bulky and inconvenient to use, especially when you still have to take them out of your bag or purse and put them down on some surface.

The ALMA aroma pin is a simple yet elegant solution that lets you enjoy the gentle fragrance of your aromatic oils without lifting a finger. The pins are actually tiny containers that can hold a pinch of cotton where you drop some of that oil. This effectively diffuses the scent and spreads it around the button automatically; no need to put a container down or hold it in your hand. It’s like your own personal bubble of fragrance that follows you everywhere.

The pins are shaped like rather thick buttons, so it’s actually easy to disguise them and pin them on any soft material, including clothes, hats, bags, and more. Each piece is carved out of a single block of aluminum and is handmade by skilled craftsmen pouring hours of attention and love into each and every single pin. The pins are then dyed using “alumite” which gives them their lustrous colors. This process results in variations in color depending on the production lot, which gives each pin somewhat of a unique visual personality, in turn.

Thanks to their discreet, button-shaped design, these pins can be just as subtle as the scents they diffuse. Whether you want to walk around smelling fragrant all day, want to always smell your favorite oils wherever you go, or make sure your apparel and accessories don’t pick up bad odors, these stylish pins will make your day. With just a drop or two of essential oil, the aroma diffuser pin will let you carry your own bubble of fragrance whenever and wherever you go.

Click Here to Buy Now: $41 $49 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Holiday Sale ends in 24 hours!