Twelve South Butterfly 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger has a cute and ingenious design

Apple’s MagSafe magnetic wireless charging technology has literally changed the face of charging accessories. Freed from the shackles of multiple cables, manufacturers have come up with creative designs that marry aesthetics and functionality in ways not possible before. And yes, there are even portable MagSafe chargers that let you bring that convenience anywhere you go. This category is still a bit young, and there haven’t been that many designs apart from foldable squares or small cubes. The latest entry from Twelve South, however, pushes the envelope of portable wireless chargers with a rather cute design that adds some unexpected functionality that you’ll come to appreciate, even if you can’t charge three devices all at once.

Designer: Twelve South

The Twelve South Butterfly is hardly what you’d expect to be a charger of any sort with its elegant circular design. Made from durable anodized aluminum on the outside, the Butterfly looks more like an accessory designed for MacBooks rather than a charger. Open up the two halves of the circle and you’re greeted with vegan leather material that’s meant to both add class to the product but also protect the devices you’ll be placing on top of them. These two halves are joined by a stylish leather strap to complete the rather posh picture that it paints.

Each half, of course, hides a wireless charger inside. One side can charge compatible iPhones with 15W power as well as AirPods with wireless charging cases. The other half holds a 5W Apple Watch Charger that can be flipped up to let you see the watch even while it’s charging. This Watch charger can also juice up the AirPods Pro 2nd gen so that you can charge it and an iPhone at the same time. Yes, this design’s biggest flaw is that it can only charge two devices simultaneously, though that might not be such a problem for most people.

The Twelve South Butterfly, however, has another secret feature. If you fold the halves in the opposite direction and make the outer covers touch, you can use the charger as a makeshift stand as well. This lets you activate the iPhone’s Standby mode or the Apple Watch’s Nightstand Mode without having to use a different accessory. Of course, you can also use this method to prop up the iPhone for watching videos and whatnot even if you won’t be charging it.

Twelve South packs a 30W power adapter in the box for good measure, but you can also use power banks for the ultimate portable charging experience. There’s a braided 1-meter USB-C cable that matches the charger’s elegant looks while also providing durability. The Twelve South Butterfly 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger sells for $129.99 and definitely carries a design that matches that price tag.