Professional photography filter kit to elevate iPhone 13 vlogging to god level

The iPhone 13 series is already a stellar photography-capable device, but we all keep longing for more. People who feel the need to explore more of their Apple smartphone for taking breath-taking shots, have one more reason to shell out money on third-party accessories.

NiSi has announced a kit targeted at smartphone photography and videography fanatics. Not only the iPhone 13 series, but the kit is also compatible with 12 and 11-series phones. iPhone X, SE, 8, 7 and 6 are also compatible with the latest kit that promises an enhanced level of photography for demanding users.

Designer: NiSi

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The resourceful accessories dubbed NiSi IP-A Filter System for iPhone comprise of a Landscape Kit, Filmmaker Kit and Cinema Kit. Just for the records, NiSi has made the filters on this pro kit the same as the ones used on the regular DSLR cameras. Now that’s going to be a big advantage for content creators who don’t like the hassles of carrying a DSLR but want the same refined output from their iPhone 13 Pro. Especially ones who don’t miss the opportunity to shoot a viral video on the go.

The pivotal element of the whole kit is the NiSi IP-A holder that hooks onto your smartphone, even with the cover case on. It encapsulates the camera module securely and then the respective circular filters can be slotted in. With the P2 holder, one can also use rectangular filters. Thankfully, the holder doesn’t scratch the screen like other lens filter holders, since it has a soft clamp side built. Depending on the chosen kit the bundled set of accessories will also differ a bit. One thing is common though – they all come with a carrying pouch.

The Landscape Kit will have the P2 holder, medium graduated ND, 6-stop infrared blocking ND filter and polarizing filter. The Filmmaker Kit has round filters, a ¼ Black Mist filter, and a True Color ND-Vario 1-5 stop filter for controlling the aperture in bright lighting. Lastly, the Cinema Kit is similar to the Filmmaker Kit but comes with the additional Allure-Streak Blue and Allure-Streak Orange filters. These filters help creatives produce the result achieved with anamorphic lenses, like the cool-colored lens flares.

For now, the NiSi IP-A Filter System is only available for backorder from the official website and is also up for pre-order on the Amazon Germany portal. The NiSi Landscape, Filmmaker and Cinema kits are each available for €69.90, €149 and €199 respectively right now.