A right-minded right-angled handrail


Simple in its design and description, the Right Angle Stair Handrail proposes a handrail that mirrors the stair’s contours. Probably not the ideal handrail to slide down from, the Right Angle Stair Handrail makes itself easier for people who actually use and need it for support.

For the elderly, the vertical elements of the handrail provide a suitable area for gripping as well as pulling themselves up. The horizontal elements provide relief for people carrying items up and down, giving them a flat space to rest the heavy objects they’re carrying which would normally roll away from them on the regular inclined handrails. The handrail’s stair-esque shape allows pregnant women to gauge the starting/ending of a step by following the handrail design, helping them overcome the dangers of missing steps that they otherwise can’t see. The handrail’s design even pays attention to the small details, like rounding off the edges of the handrail, so that they don’t hurt anyone.

Designers: Yansheng Xia, Junting Liu, Jiaxiao Feng & Zan Su.