Puffy blanket turns into an outdoor coat, is made from 100% recycled materials

As someone who lives in a tropical weather country, having heavy duty blankets for indoors and outdoors isn’t really a priority. Even when I’m in an airconditioned room, I rarely use blankets as I’m not used to it. But when I was able to visit New Zealand during their winter season, I finally understood the need to have a good piece of blanket during those cold, dreary nights. What if you could get a “state-of-the-art” blanket that can also be worn as a sort of coat outdoors and is made from recycled materials?

Designer: Houdini x Rumpl

The Reconnect Puffy Blanket is the brand’s most technical blanket as it has a 2-layer waterproof hardshell to protect you from extreme weather conditions, Houdini-branded hardware, French seams, and an ultra-soft-to-touch finish. The hardshell is rated at 20,000mm H20 with a breathability of 15,000 g/m2/24h so it can protect you from heavy rain and wet snow in case you’re going outside with your blanket. It is made with 200g hollow-fiber insulationand with the Houdini C9 Ripstop so the blanket is comfortable and breathable and of course is durable so it should last you longer than most blankets.

Another great feature of this blanket is that it is sustainable and has 100% circularity. It is made from post-consumer recycled and recycled materials. They say that 1 blanket produced is equivalent to 66 plastic bottles that have been removed from landfills. If you’re going outdoors in really cold weather for some reason, the Reconnect Puffy Blanket has a Double-snap Cape Clip feature so you can turn it into a hands-free wearable that can act like a coat.

Of course a blanket that can act like coat is not the most fashionable of winter wear but being posh is probably not your first concern when you’re out in cold weather. If it’s comfort and protection from the elements that you’re looking for, the Reconnect Puffy Blanket seems to be a great option to keep you warm during those cold winter nights. The price tag of $200 seems pretty reasonable for something that has all these features.