Pizza Hut + Ogilvy designed a limited edition pizza-box with a foosball table built into the lid!

It seems like Pizza Hut and Ogilvy want you to ‘play with your food’, or at least want you to play with the packaging of your food. The two brands collaborated over the launch of a new limited-edition pizza box that comes with an actual foosball table built right into the lid!

The Foosball Pizza Box was created as a warm-up for the Europa League which begins October 22nd (Get it, Warm-up? Pizza?). Wendy Leung, marketing director of Pizza Hut explains, ‘the Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box was a great opportunity to remind football fans that pizza goes best with their football. Launched at a time when everyone’s stuck in their houses, the box hopes to drum up enthusiasm, interest, and positivity. While diehard fans are just waiting to go out and support their teams or play their own games of street football, the Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box provides a great safe alternative, allowing you to battle it out with your friends in the comfort and safety of your own homes. Winner gets an extra slice, perhaps? And if there’s a tie, just equally divide the pie!

The Foosball Pizza Box is currently only available to pizza-enthusiasts in Hong Kong (although enough enthusiasm could push the companies to roll it out worldwide)… you can shoot your shot at winning your own Foosball Pizza Box by visiting the Pizza Hut app, or leaving a clever comment on Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s Facebook page.

Designers: Pizza Hut & Ogilvy Hong Kong