Casio miniature watch erasers celebrate G-Shock’s 40th anniversary

I probably haven’t used an eraser for quite some time now since I rarely use pencils to write or draw on my journals. And the few times that I did use a pencil, it already comes with a “built-in” eraser anyway so no need to have a separate one. But if i do find a cute shape for an eraser, I would not hesitate to get one as a souvenir or keepsake.

Designer: Casio

If someone hands you a tiny Casio G-Shock, make sure that it’s an actual watch before you get excited. That’s because the Japanese watch brand is releasing a very realistic albeit smaller version of its famous G-Shock watches to celebrate the watch line’s 40th anniversary. But instead of telling time, these “watchpieces” will be able to erase your mistakes. Well, at least if you used a pencil to write something down.

The erasers are exact replicas of the DW-5600 G-Shock watches and you can get them for free if you buy specific products from Casio. They’re around 60% of the actual sizes of the G-Shock watches and they have detachable bands in case you need a better grip if you’re using the erasers for what they were created to do. But if you just want them as a cute souvenir from your trip to Japan or from your Casio purchase.

Since Japan is known as the land of cute stationery, it’s not really surprising that Casio chose this kind of commemorative piece to celebrate G-Shock’s anniversary. However, you will only be able to get one of these if you order eligible watches from their online store in Japan. The erasers are available in three colors (black, yellow, red) but you will get a random color as your freebie. I’d still take any color but unfortunately I don’t live in Japan so I will just have to stare at these cute erasers.