Dwarf Factory’s ArtiSANTA Keycaps Are an Excellent Stocking Stuffer

It’s only been a week since Halloween! What’re all these Christmas (and other related holiday decorations) doing on my neighbor’s front lawn? Where did the summer go, for crying out loud? If I have no choice but to accept the season’s greetings, I’ll do it my own way: by replacing a few keycaps on my gaming keyboard with three miniature snow globes containing all the typical Yuletide treasures. That’s the idea behind Dwarf Factory’s latest invention, anyway. These ArtiSANTA keycaps from Dwarf Factory are bright, festive, and adorable — all traits any true gamer would want their gaming keyboard to have, as the weather turns cold and the holiday cheer turns… uh… warm.

Designer: Dwarf Factory

The AntiSANTA keycaps are not exactly compatible with every keyboard on the market. At least, it doesn’t seem so, given what’s advertised on their store page. But as long as you have a clicky, tactile, or linear keyboard with Cherry MX switches, you should be alright. You can stick these three keycaps anywhere on your keyboard you’d like, giving it a handmade decorative flair — befitting a festive ornament that looks like it belongs on your tree. Or on your mantle. Or, anywhere else you might stick festive holiday decorations.

These handmade keycaps come in packs of three, and each one is a little bit different. There’s the Yule Tree, the Père Noel (basically, Santa Claus), and Frosty the Snowman. Look closely enough, you’ll see how each piece features a handful of intricate details, like ornamental string lights and miniature holiday gifts. It’s disappointing there are only three per pack, but that’s just because they look so good.

If you’re shopping for the gamer in your life, these are only going for $49 per pack, and that’s a holiday miracle if there ever was one. They’re perfect for stocking stuffers or even just trinkets to have around in a gaming room. Now if only the holidays would get here sooner (so we can get back to that summer weather much sooner).