Lyft reinvents the taxi-light!

Gone are the days of the pink glow-stache! The Amp ushers in a new age for the ever-expanding ride-sharing organization. It sits elegantly on the dashboard of the car with the identity facing outwards. Designed as a beacon for not just helping create an identity for Lyft cabs, it also helps cabs and riders connect to each other.

The last 50 feet of the pickup are the most difficult as the GPS on one’s phone doesn’t offer pin-point accuracy. It’s also difficult for drivers to identify riders, and for riders to spot their car among the line of automobiles on the road. The Amp acts as a beacon, lighting up with its 160 RGB LEDs in a certain color configuration. The rider just has to look for the car with the color configuration that matches the one showing on their app. This system works wonderfully since it allows viewers to discern color rather than number plates, providing an interaction that usually takes milliseconds.

The Amp also has an LED matrix of 120 LEDs that light up to greet the rider, or show the names of the riders. An added use for the matrix also helps in promotion or custom greetings based on events and festivals. Touted as a modern day reinterpretation of the Taxi light (possibly the most iconic element of traditional taxis after their yellow color), the Amp comes from design Studio Ammunition, best known for their formative work for Beats by Dre. The Lyft Amp is a winner of the Core77 Design Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Ammunition Group (for Lyft)