Vollebak’s Indestructible Hoodie Is Practically Armor

Vollebak has a knack for inventing apparel designed for adventurers. If you weren’t impressed by its Solar Charged Hat, just wait until you see the British fashion company’s newest innovation: the Indestructible Hoodie. It’s easy to poke fun at any item being called “Indestructible” by its designer, but there’s a good reason to believe Vollebak’s claim it can withstand “75kmph falls”. In fact, you might just find yourself shelling out for its fashionable, comfortable, yet weather-impervious outer shell.

The materials used in the Indestructible Hoodie’s high-durability design — Cordura and Dyneema — don’t come cheap, however, and the cost of a new Indestructible Hoodie from Vollebak’s web store is a whopping $795. Granted, that’s more than worth the value of peace of mind when heading straight into danger. Like many of Vollebak’s unique fits, this hoodie looks like it was made for extreme athletes with a need for serious protection. Vollebak advertises it as being “highly abrasion and rip resistant,” even so far as being able to mitigate damage caused by an “extreme 4 way stretch,” which, to be fair, I would prefer not to imagine in gritty detail. On a side note, it’s probably fantastic protective-wear for anyone working in construction, or in other potentially dangerous manual labor fields. And, heck, it even looks pretty slick.

Designer: Nick Tidball, Steve Tidball (via Vollebak)

Vollebak did some pretty wild stuff to ensure it’s exactly as durable as it claims to be, using something called the Darmstadt abrasion resistance test to assess its durability during high speed falls onto concrete. This involved testing the hoodie’s fabric in a rotating machine that dragged samples of its Cordura (Nylon) material across 30 meters. Apparently, Vollebak’s designers needed to rev the machine up to 412rpm to make a small hole in one sample. According to Vollebak, it was “not a subtle test”.

Coming in two colorways, either Yellow or Black, the Indestructible Hoodie is designed for a comfortable and neat fit. Not only does it contain two side pockets for storage, it’s also wind-resistant to keep you protected from the cold. When it gets a bit warmer, this design is lightweight and breathable as well.

All that breathability is great because there’s plenty of flexibility between the Indestructible Hoodie’s smallest and the largest sizes; the smallest (XS) jacket is rated to flex between 33-36 inch chest sizes and 28-30 inch waist sizes, while the largest (XXXL) is rated to flex between 51-54 inch chest sizes and 40-42 inch waist sizes. That means you’re likely to find one that’s right for your body type, making it a versatile piece of apparel throughout the year for any explorer, adventurer, or high-stakes contractor in need of a bit of fashionable armor.