The Box Tape

Ask the guys in the packing department, what will make life easier for them? Easy ripping off the tape from boxes! Cutters are an option, but then you need to be really careful not to slash the contents. Which is why the Box Tape is a clever design that I think can be easily made. What do you think?

Materials used: Paper, cellophane, glue & plastic vinyl

Designers: Jin Young Park & So Young Park


  • em says:

    more easy???

  • John says:

    The purpose of box tape is to make sure it isn’t easy to remove. During shipping these boxes rub regularly; Having a portion of non-stick tape would allow the tape to pull off the box easier (Not good!). Most boxes are opened with a box cutter, pulling off with your fingers typically doesn’t happen.

  • Alaor says:

    understanding box tape usage: #fail

  • ksavai says:

    I see more problem when tape is removed by mistake… this is like creating problem

  • shondadrosen says:

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  • I think for shipping it´s a problem but if you want to reuse the box it´s ok.

  • km says:

    Hey look at.,, same things

    I’ve previously made ​​the same concept, and also saw the announcement of the same concept. reddot award2013

    >>>muji award
    JANG BEONG-HUN : advisor
    ■作品名: EASY TAPE
    ■カテゴリー: ステーショナリー
    ■作品の説明: EASYTAPE

    It’s difficult to take packing box with tape
    by hands. And there is inconvience that
    you may use tools like box cutter. So, the
    idea is 3mm area without glue at the left
    edge location. Also, this location contains
    strinking color line. So, it’s easy to find the
    left edge of the tape, and to open packing
    box using the 3mm area.

  • susan says:

    The tape would be perfect to replace the expense of flip-top boxes for access to portions of product.

  • JustinC says:

    Why not have the non-adhesive part in the middle so you won’t have to worry about the edges coming up? If there was a non sticky part just big enough to get your fingernail under I think that would solve the problem.

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