Montoir Dive Watch makes Swiss-made timepieces accessible to all

The adjective “Scandinavian” carries a lot of weight in the production and design industry. The term “Swiss-made” is a distinction given to products that have achieved a high degree of quality and craftsmanship thanks to the spirit and practices embraced by denizens of Switzerland, characteristics best embodied by the mechanical timepieces hailing from that country. Unfortunately, that same level of quality and elegance has made these products well beyond the reach of most people, which is good for their image but bad for spreading the appreciation of Swiss-made products. Fortunately, there are brands that strive to cast their nets wider, and this handsome mechanical watch is a glowing example of a well-made Scandinavian product that isn’t just a beautiful fashion accessory but also a loyal companion for all occasions and environments.

Designer: Montoir Watches

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It’s almost as if Switzerland itself was created to embody the traits of good design. From the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps to the breathtaking landscapes of the French Riviera down south, everything about the place serves as an inspiration for designers and makers across the globe. But unlike these natural galleries of beauty, Swiss-made products, particularly watches, have traditionally been kept behind expensive walled gardens accessible to only a few. Worse, many of these glamorous timepieces seem to be made to be worn only on very special occasions, limiting the enjoyment of their external and internal beauty to a very small number of opportunities.

The Montoir Dive Watch, however, breaks down those walls to wrap the spirit of adventure inspired by these locales in a beautiful Swiss-made timepiece and make it available to more people around the world. The watch bears a contemporary yet clean design, hallmarks of the famed Scandinavian minimalism, that make it look quite at home in any setting. The Swiss-made classic Sellita SW200-1 Automatic Movement provides the accuracy, reliability, and ease of servicing that you’ve come to expect from such luxurious watches.

Making a timepiece accessible for all isn’t just about price or location, either. It’s about making sure it can stay on your wrist wherever you are, whether it’s in a boardroom meeting, a raving party, or even a quick dive in a pool. With a brushed 316L stainless steel body topped by a top hat double dome sapphire crystal glass, the watch exudes both elegance and durability at the same time, while quick-release recycled FKM (fluoroelastomer) straps enhance the watch’s resilience in any environment. It also boasts a 20ATM water resistance of up to 200 meters in depth, and Superluminova BGW9 markings allow you to tell the time even in the darkest depths or the blackest nights. On the back is an embossed relief of a diver in old yet iconic equipment, emphasizing the watch’s all-around usability even in places where most Swiss-made watchers would never dare tread.

We’ve gone past an age when high-quality products are things that only the elite can afford. Good design, after all, is something everyone can enjoy, and this Swiss-made watch embodies that goal to perfection, with a super early bird VIP price of $375. Available in five colors, including Black, White, Blue, Cyan, and even Orange, the Montoir Dive Watch puts a beautiful reminder on your wrist that the spirit of adventure calls anyone and everyone, and this timeless watch is the perfect companion for those exciting and memorable journeys.

Click Here to Buy Now: $375 $750 (50% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $85,000.