Meet The Strongest Belt Ever Made – The Indestructible Belt By Vollebak

Vollebak is known for its ground-breaking and absolutely mindblowing designs such as the Indestructible Puffer which is built from the same material as body armor or the Deep Sleep Cocoon that can lull you to sleep on Mars and Earth! In lieu of their ingenious and highly successful designs, Vollebak has also launched the Indestructible Belt. Right off the bat, they’re claiming that the Indestructible Belt is the strongest belt ever made! Color us intrigued! It is designed to be not only a true marvel in engineering but also a major fashion statement that will definitely grab eyeballs.

Designer: Vollebak

The Indestructible Belt is built with the ultimate strong core which is made from Dyneema – the single strongest fiber known to man today. Vollebak uses Dyneema in its Indestructible range. Dyneema is supposed to be 15x stronger than steel, which basically signifies that the belt strap is only breakable if you hang more than 4 tonnes of it, which is essentially the same weight as a Hummer or 10 grizzly bears. It is a game-changer for people who need their belts to be extremely durable and strong, but also dashingly handsome.

Vollebak teamed up the powerful Dyneema strap with a COBRA® buckle which is supposed to be the strongest and safest buckle on the planet. The buckle is engineered with a patented locking mechanism, ensuring that the buckle never releases under pressure, and can tolerate 1.8 tonnes of force before it breaks apart. Every Indestructible Belt is built using 12 rows of ultra-strong bonded thread, and an engraved metal tip by Riri which features a custom anodized metal case equipped with a 3D printed latch – making it a class apart from your ordinary everyday belt, to be honest, the two cannot even be compared. The Indestructible Belt is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions!

The Indestructible Belt is crafted in France, and it completely pushes the boundaries of fashion and functionality, to create an exceedingly innovative product that we have truly never seen before. It is priced at $395 and is the ultimate accessory you have been looking for. It packs a punch with both style and safety.