This Compact Customizable Locker System Is The Storage Solution Every Modern Corporate Office Needs

We often underestimate the importance of great office furniture! When in reality we really shouldn’t. We spend the majority of our day sitting on our office chairs or typing away on our desks whether we’re working in our home office or a corporate one. Hence, these pieces of furniture need to be not only comfortable but ergonomic, and aesthetic as well. And, a great furniture design for modern corporate offices would be the Choice Lockers by Narbutas.

Designer: Narbutas

Designed by workplace furniture brand Narbutas, the Choice Locker System is a modular and efficient locker system intended to organize office spaces and keep them tidy and neat. The locker system was designed with the goal of making corporate offices more aesthetically pleasing. The Choice Lockers are available in a diverse range of door, lock, and accessory options. This storage solution is aimed at enhancing and improving any office space, or even a reception area. It can be used in corridors as well since it has a slender and compact footprint.

“Even if employees have permanent workplaces, lockers are useful for keeping common spaces uncluttered,” said the brand. “This maintains order in the office and creates a pleasant, aesthetic environment for both employees and visitors.” The Choice Locker System can be customized, and you can pick doors of diverse heights or materials. You can also pick open cabinet spaces for hanging jackets or cushioned nooks for people to sit and rest in.

What makes the Choice lockers even more personalized is that they are available in lock options ranging from combination locks to discreet electronic locks that can be swiftly opened with a swipe card. You can also pick from a wide collection of colors and materials such as perforated metal, melamine, HPL (high-pressure laminate) panels, and wood veneer. The Choice lockers are also designed to be sustainable, hence they are 97% recyclable, and they can be accentuated with planters to add a touch of green to the space, and enhance the overall indoor air quality. The Choice Locker System is a functional, efficient, and sustainable storage system designed to meet the needs of modern offices and modern officegoers.