These hexagon tiles create a mesmerizing wall art that you can arrange in any way you want

Putting up decorations on a wall is always a big commitment, primarily because most fixtures are designed to be permanent. Circumstances, however, change far too often than one would imagine, and there will be times when you wish you could have designed a wall differently. Maybe you need to reclaim some wall space, or maybe you grew out of an old fad, or maybe you’re actually moving to a new place with a different wall setup. Whatever the case may be, most people will probably want to have the flexibility in designing their walls, even if it simply means being able to change the setup as needed or desired, even if it just means expanding or shrinking the design. That’s the kind of “open” design that this unique wall installation is trying to present using creative and sustainable design as well as a pinch of math.

Designer: Duffy London

When people think of shapes, a hexagon is probably not going to be at the top of their lists, yet it turns out to be a rather versatile polygon with some hidden benefits when it comes to composition. Like a triangle, it has a rather interesting shape made of tilted lines, but like a square, it can be easily grouped together in different combinations to create a tiled pattern. When used with a mathematical tiling system called “Truchet Tiling,” you can even rotate the hexagons in different directions and you’d still end up with a pleasing whole that looks as if it were designed that way from the start.

The Abyss Wall Tile was created using that principle to bring Duffy London’s famed Abyss design to a vertical plane. Just like the Abyss Table, each hexagon displays a layered design reminiscent of contour maps, particularly those of the ocean floors that lead your eyes toward abyssal depths. In this particular incarnation, however, there are three distinct patterns available and you can combine these hexagonal tiles to create a larger map-like composition on your wall. The clincher is that, no matter which direction you rotate the hexagons, you’ll still be able to combine them in a way that makes them look like a unified pattern.

What this means is that you have complete freedom in how you arrange the tiles and how many or how few you want to put up on your wall. You can even change the arrangement as you want, adding or removing pieces as needed. Of course, you still have to consider how these tiles will be mounted without being absolutely permanent, but with many options available today, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The Abyss Wall Tiles also has a sustainable angle to it, almost like a nod to the oceans that they portray. They use plexiglass, recycled plastic, and brushed stainless steel and are handcrafted to help reduce their impact on the environment. It’s a simple yet ingenious design that gives peace of mind as well as enjoyment as you immerse yourself within the abyss of your self-made ocean floor.