This Minimal, Elegant & Warm-Toned Furniture Collection Is Perfect For Your Contemporary Home

A beautiful piece of furniture can complete a room. It can be the final piece that makes a space come full circle, building a comfortable and cohesive haven, rather than a random area. Furniture pieces make or break a home, they add to the essence or soul of a home, hence one needs to be extremely picky while choosing a furniture design. The design should be a reflection of you, and what you want your home to be. When you place a piece of furniture in a room, it should instantly integrate with the space, creating a wholesome and organic environment. We’ve curated a collection of minimal furniture designs that we believe will do this – the Croma furniture collection. Each of these pieces is unique, well-crafted, and made with a whole lot of love, and the love really shines through in the fine detailing and workmanship. We hope you feel the love too!

Designer: Lagranja Design for Systemtronic

Designed by Barcelona studio Lagranja Design for the furniture brand Systemtronic, the Croma furniture collection is a minimal and subtle range of furniture pieces that are highlighted by curved lines and a warm-toned color palette. The materials and finishes used to build the furniture collection are inspired by the warmth and beauty of the Mediterranean. The pieces are built using natural and stained ash wood combined with painted and chrome-plated aluminum.

The Croma collection includes a wardrobe with a rail with an arched top over two shelves and a planter bench with rounded edges. The bench has space for potted plants. It also includes three sizes of circular tables, a valet stand, mirrors, and a trolley.  Systemtronic says that the Croma collection is “fun, almost playful, furniture that is easily recognizable thanks to its geometric consistency”. “[It is] a key modern collection which incorporates organic shapes and explores all that is different, emotional and serene,” the brand concluded.

The Croma furniture collection is a sophisticated and elegant furniture collection that would add manifolds of style and charisma to any living space. The various pieces perfectly complement one another, creating a collection that is harmonious, well-designed, and minimalist.