The Shrek’s Swamp Is a Rustic Mud-Covered Holiday Hut By Airbnb For The Shrek Fans

We just scooped up something super cool and exciting for Shrek lovers, and if you’re one of them, you may want to look into Airbnb’s newest addition – Shrek’s Swamp. The Shrek’s Swamp is designed by the rental website Airbnb. It is a small grass and mud-covered hut nestled underneath a tree in the Scottish Highlands. It is described as a “stumpy, secluded haven fit for a solitude-seeking ogre”.

Designer: Airbnb

The rustic and cozy home is supposedly hosted by Shrek’s best friend Donkey, who is apparently swamp-sitting while Shrek is away for Halloween. The interesting part is that the Airbnb description is written by Donkey. In the description, Donkey says “I love everything about the swamp: the boulder out front, the modest interiors, the seclusion (ideal for singing karaoke late into the night), you get the picture”.

“This mud-laden, moss-covered, murky-watered oasis is a perfectly snug spot to escape from village life and embrace the beauty of nature,” Airbnb said.

The unique home can accommodate three guests and features a cozy open-plan design. The home is amped with a wooden bed that subtly leans against a wall. Other furniture in the home include a matching table and two wooden chairs which are placed in front of a fire. The fire is supported by two massive tree trunks. The home includes multiple decorations as an ode to the Shrek movie, such as a green “earwax candle”, which references a scene from the movie where Shreks tugs out a stick of earwax from his ear and lights it on fire. Another decoration is a bedside lamp that resembles a stuffed pufferfish.

An outhouse which is seen in many of the Shrek films is placed 20 meters away from the swamp. It can be used the visitors. The rustic hut is also surrounded by multiple signs such as “Stay out,” Beware Ogre”, and “Danger”!. Although they are intended for decoration. Currently, the home isn’t available, but it will be available to book from 13th October for a two-night stay for 27 and 29 October. The home will also be accompanied by a concierge who will ensure meals for the guests.