This A-shaped cabin with a lakeview is a self-sustaining, climate-smart greenhouse villa

Sweden is one of those countries always found on the best countries to live in lists in terms of overall quality of life. We also see a lot of travel videos and lists featuring its tourist spots, mountains, lakes, etc. If you dream of living there someday, surrounded by nature and living sustainably, it is not that improbable if you have the means and the opportunity to do so. A company called Naturvillan creates such homes in the country and their latest one is an A-frame, sustainable greenhouse in the middle of the mountains.

Designer: Naturvillan

Atri is the newest villa that they have designed to be a self-sustaining and climate-smart home located on the shores of Lake Vänern. You not only get great views of the lake itself but you’re surrounded by towering trees and a natural plot with rocks slabs. It is A-shaped with a stable base directly on the mountain and has a continuous axis so you can see through the whole house in one view. As you look up the house blends in among the trees, becoming part of the natural landscape.

What makes it extra special, aside from its shape is that it is built to be climate-smart and adapt to any weather. You have air and light coming in from several directions and the architecture allows for interaction between the house’s various parts like the private rooms, greenhouses, the nature that surrounds it, and even the view. You can actually live completely off-grid in this house. You can use solar cells to power electricity and in the winter, you get a wood-fired kitchen pan to give you heat and hot water and power the oven for cooking.

The property has its own drilled well so you can get drinking water that is purified and recycled from the plant beds in the greenhouse. You can also plant fruits and vegetables to feed the occupants of the house so the house can really be self-sustaining. When needed, the “power plant” needs to be run a couple of hours a day, especially during winter and depending on the lifestyle of the people currently living in it. The Atri is perfect for when you want to practice off-grid living and still have a magnificent view when you look outside of your house.