A lubricating roller for your bike-chain that lets you ‘grease with ease’


Oil, as many of my white shirts will stand testament to, is an absolute nightmare when it gets on your person. Even a drop or so on your fingers can require multiple scrubs to get rid off, because that’s precisely the nature of the liquid. It’s supposed to lubricate, but it’s also supposed to stick around, eliminating friction between moving parts for a long time, before they need a second coat of lubricant.

Ideally, oil you apply on mechanical moving parts isn’t supposed to get on your hands, face, or clothes, but somehow it always does… And it’s a headache to wash off. The FLECTR LUBRI DISC, however, prevents you from making contact with the oil entirely. From multiple EuroBike Award winning designers, the FLECTR LUBRI DISC is a sponge-applicator for lubricating bike chains. It works, in principle, a lot like a foam roller does while painting. The sponge soaks up and holds onto the lubricant, and comes with an outer shell that you grip as you hold the LUBRI DISC against your bike chains. Gently press the microporous roller down against the chains as you manually rotate them slowly, and the roller, in a matter of seconds, evenly coats the chains with the lubricant.

Just the way a paint-roller is a much more effective way of distributing an even coat of paint without getting any on your hands, the LUBRI DISC does its job without you ever touching the oil. You don’t need to clean the LUBRI DISC as you would a paint-roller too. Store it in its tin packaging and use it as much as 10 times before you need to refill the sponge with a few more drops of lubricant. The LUBRI DISC’s efficient design helps save lubricant by as much as 90%, which honestly sounds like a ridiculous statistic, but becomes slightly believable once you realize that a lot of your oil gets wasted by getting on your hands, clothes or your rag, or by dripping onto the ground.

With each LUBRI DISC, the guys at FLECTR also provide their proprietary Bio Chain Lube, an organic chain oil that’s good for the bike as well as the environment. To apply the oil (or any oil of your choice), pull the two halves of the outer case apart and pour the oil directly on the porous side of the sponge, before magnetically snapping the outer shells back together. Just like the eco-friendly chain oil, the LUBRI DISC roller is biodegradable too, and can be easily disposed and replaced after a long time of usage. Go ahead. Your bike, hands, and white tee shirts will thank you!

Designers: Jorg Neugebauer & Kai Wiehagen

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LUBRI DISC helps you lube your bike chain in seconds. It keeps the process clean and is eco-friendly. The best part is that you will not have to dirty your fingers.

LUBRI DISC delivers the lube reliably and evenly to your chain in just seconds! It is an incredible tool for the basic care of your bike chain.

Smart, small and always with you – whether on the bike tour or in your commuter bag.

Simply hold the LUBRI DISC between your fingers, press it slightly onto your chain and let your crank rotate backwards. Everything else happens automatically. Two to three turns of the crank – that´s it.

Lube first the inside of the chain, then the outside (or vice versa) – that’s it.

LUBRI DISC´s semi-soft lubricator wheel adapts perfectly to the shape of the chain – surrounds it – and lets the oil penetrate between the plates and over the rollers up to the pins. It stores any type of low to medium viscosity chain oils in its microporous and fluid-conducting body. Once filled, its capacity is sufficient to lube your bike chain up to ten times, before you just refill a little oil.

By applying slight pressure, the lubricator disc adapts to the chain and transfers the oil from the inner reservoir.

Ride green with FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE. This organic chain oil not only cares for your chain, but also protects the environment. It is produced with basic components based on plants and degradable additives. Environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable without missing excellent wear protection.

FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE has an extremely good adhesive power and guarantees a low-noise and smooth running of your chain.

The refill is extremely simple. Both case shells close magnetically and can be opened easily.

LUBRI DISC works perfectly with any type of common chain oil – so you can use your oil, or switch to a really eco-friendly system with our FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE.

Click Here To Buy Now: $21. Hurry, limited time only.