Hip To Be Square

THE BOX “quadracycle,” as designers James Brooks and Richard Bone refer to it, is aimed at providing an inexpensive, easy to maintain, ride-sharing solution in metropolitan areas. Stripped of everything except the basic interior necessities, BOX is similar in size to a Smart Car and weighs only 750 pounds, but it can pack up to 4 people with all that extra room. It can even accommodate wheel-chair users who currently account for a large proportion of society that cannot utilize ride sharing.

Designer: Brooks & Bone


  • Ethan says:

    There’s no room for an engine or EV batteries. Either this thing will have a 10 mile range at 20mph or someone will have to push it.

  • pennypacker says:

    What happens when a car or a truck hits this thing?

    Simplifying seems to equal, no safety features, no ergonomic and no consideration of basic package requirements.

    The form is not even interesting from an artistic stand point.

  • Maryline says:

    I think the form is interesting. I browsed the pictures before I read the text, and I first thought airport transportation to move from gate to gate, then I thought ok that’s nice, then I thought but why it’s more costly, then I read the text. And my point of view totally changed. As pennypacker mentioned, it does not look safe at all unless the city has a bicylce lane that can accomodate this thing (But how many cities have those, and if so are they wide enough?).
    I think the concept is good. I’m thinking something similar to the public bicycles available around Washington DC and Montreal/Toronto, but that can accomodate more people/wheel chair users. There is a lot of kinks to be worked out with this.
    Where are they stored? How do people pay for them? How do you prevent theft. How fast are they going (public transportation vs. bike vs. car)

    Overall I like the idea.

  • Jimmy C says:

    it’s a nice looking car, I’d love to see them used in public? How fast does it go?

  • James Daniels says:

    If you look at their website… it clearly has a lot of battery space (skateboard type configuration), and is run using hub motors.
    It is only intended for inner city travel where in London (the city it was designed around) the average speed is only 7mph.
    Now you can moan all day long about safety, however in a recent statistical survey it was found that users of the Gwiz (also a quadricycle) were 30% less likely to be involved in an accident. This is due to there limited maximum speed, silent running (meaning you’re more aware) and for the fact that you know you’re not in a great big lump of steel full of airbags, so ultimately you take care. Now I don’t think it’s any coincidence that after this concept was shown last summer in London, many car manufactures have began working on similar quadricycles. Like it or not something needs to be done about urban travel and these guys as students have not only hit the nail on the head, they have caused ripples in the automotive world by being completely true to the problem and not just creating another gimmick.
    I suggest you read their websites http://www.brooksandbone.co.uk or http://www.james-brooks.co.uk.

  • Hunter says:

    What kind of wheels are those?
    They look plastic. We all know how that went down…

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