Luxury trailer gets even tinier while boasting a walk-in closet in its all-electric design

When I think of trailers, I picture a cramped living space in a truck-like vehicle that either is parked in a trailer neighborhood or goes around wherever you want to go. Living in one is not something on my bucket list as I’m the type of traveler who likes her creature comforts and so I would prefer staying in hotels or air bnbs. But the luxury trailers that I’ve been seeing has made me rethink my stance on trailers, although these are definitely things I can’t afford.

Designer: Living Vehicle

The HD24 is the smaller version of their previous HD model, a high-end trailer that is 24-foot long and has all the luxurious amenities that you would want from an expensive trailer. In fact, it even has a walk-in closet, a luxury that not even all regular apartments or houses always have. It is 6 feet shorter than the next-smallest model, so probably easier to move around so you can stay in places where you just want to be in the middle of nature or whatever place you want to visit (that has trailer parking of course).

The trailer ha fold-out deck that can fit two people sitting in case you want to have a perfect view of your surroundings while still staying in relative comfort. It has a bunk bed and a lounge that can be converted into a queen size bed. When not in use, the beds can be elevated so you have space for your lounge and dining area. It comes equipped with an aluminum kitchen and a full bath, inspired by luxury yacht designs. And of course the walk-in closet is the highlight, although if you don’t need that much space for clothes, you can turn it into an additional room.

The interior of the HD24 has a powder-coated aluminum finish so it’s pretty easy to clean and maintain. It also uses solar array and energy-storage system so it is slightly eco-friendly. The price tag of $300,000 is not so friendly for people like me but there is definitely a market for this luxury trailer.