Re-telling the time


I love the thought process behind this design so much I’m going to put forth an open invitation to designers to make concepts using the same principle. Okay, look at the clock. No really, look at the clock. You don’t notice what’s wrong at first, but once you do, it gets you wondering about what functionality actually is. The 10:11 Clock tells the time. The format is pretty much the same too. The only difference is that the numbers move, but the hands don’t. The hands stay in their position through out and at a glance, you’d think the clock was broken, but it actually isn’t.

The 10:11 clock’s beauty lies in the fact that it takes the most simple function of a product and flips it, without making the product useless. The clock is still absolutely useful, but it’s confusing because it breaks a habit and therefore creates a completely new interaction with an old product. Much like how switches flipping directions are different in America as opposed to the rest of the world. Unlike the former, the 10:11 clock isn’t a happenstance. It’s a celebration!

Designer: Peter Yu Hanchen