Luxury HiRise with Diamond Like Facade

As we progress into advancements in architectural and engineering extremes designer Dinesh Doshi felt it important the Z10 Tower remain on the cutting edge and never fall short in the eyes of the global community. Envision a seven star hotel, luxury residential apartments, and satellite offices for the avid business person. This complex dubbed “Z10 TOWERS” becomes the focal point of the project and in turn also the welcoming structure of the complex.  The Z10 Towers can be seen as a beacon for miles around symbolizing the emergence of new age architectural thinking. The main towers are backed with a group of six complexes consisting of high end living, providing its residents with their own elevators/party terraces, pools and Jacuzzis for private use while enjoying the soft breeze of the Persian Gulf and its many breathtaking views.

The angled towers requires a counter balanced foundation. The outer skins of the buildings are thermally protected with even sized diamond shaped glazing to enhance the richness of the buildings while creating magnificent 360 degrees of panoramic views.

Designer: Dinesh Doshi


  • Joey says:

    Looks like bubble tea!!!

  • Armin says:

    hmmm, where’s the novelty here?
    Angled towers have been around for some time (see Puerta de Europa or theCCTV Headquarters). Thermal glazing has been in use for quite some time as well (the Lloyd’s Building additionally has an automated system to regulate temperature).
    As for the design … the cylinders (skewed or straight) are a recurring theme. Are those really that impressive shapes?
    I’m sorry. I’m sure a lot of work has gone into this, but they shouldn’t have stopped so soon.

  • fg says:

    pictures dont load properly

  • fg says:

    sorry after a reload they were ok

  • Eric says:

    I think its really cool looking, and would probably make me feel like a king if I lived there. Regardless of whether or not the “idea” of using these materials or angled buildings was original or not, they did a great job designing this, and I can see how thorough they were.

  • someone says:

    the buildings look like XL size McDonald’s drink with colour straws.

  • Brian says:

    One of the uglier towers out there – what is this for a cheap resort town on the Gulf of Mexico? It’s also a little evocative of treehouses with the platform between them.

  • JHUara says:


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