Innovative modular shoe insole lets you switch between comfort, pain relief, and athletic performance

With a modular design that lets you add and replace inserts under your heel and metatarsal area, the EcoDasher is perhaps the only shoe insert to let you choose exactly how much support or shock absorption you want in your footwear. Perfect for pretty much any occasion, these replaceable pads let you customize your shoes to suit your exact needs, whether it’s for all-day comfort, foot-alignment, pain relief, or even endurance and athletic performance. The same insole transforms to help assist your foot and posture, working remarkably well for work, sports, leisure, and everything in between, giving your shoes the practical edge they need. The EcoDasher shoe insole makes fashion functional again!

Designers: Ethan Lin & Johnny Lv

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Most insoles just provide lift or arch support, but the EcoDasher isn’t most insoles. The distinct difference in the EcoDasher’s design lies in the two removable pads at the base, and the multiple pad options that come with each insole. Each pad bestows different properties on your insole. Think of your insole as a camera, and the pads as different lenses. Some lenses give you telephoto capabilities, others let you go ultra-wide, and some allow you to go up-close in macro… the pads work the same way, giving your foot just the right amount of support it needs throughout the day and through different activities.

The EcoDasher’s design takes inspiration from the shape of a horse saddle, with curves that support the arches of your foot. The insole’s flexible design provides the right balance between adaptability as well as foot support, letting you get the most out of the shoes you wear. The pads on the bottom help provide the right amount of cushioning depending on your activities. Harder pads give support, softer ones give long-lasting comfort, and special shock-absorbing pads help provide that bounce while running, training, or engaging in any activity.

The two pads sit at strategic positions, right underneath the impact points of your feet. The heel pad, as its name rightfully suggests, sits directly underneath the heel, while the other metatarsal pad sits underneath the transverse arch, or the area between your toe and heel that comes in contact with the floor when you stand on tip-toes. The metatarsal pad comes in 3 varieties – an Oceanfoam pad that offers mild support, the Rebound pad for moderate support, and a FIT pad for extra support. Meanwhile, the heel pad boasts 4 options, Oceanfoam, Rebound, FIT, and an additional Comfort MAX that’s perfect for pain relief.

Together, the 7 pads offer up to 20 unique combinations that you can experiment with to find the ones that suit your requirements the best. Depending on your foot shape, body type (height and weight), fitness, and the activity you engage in, you can choose which pads serve your needs the best (or even use the EcoDasher without pads if all you want is a foot-hugging insole). The interchangeable pads help overcome a variety of scenarios, from daily wear to athletics, or from pain-relief to just simple foot-alignment (for people with flat feet or bad posture). With time, you’ll be able to understand exactly what your feet need throughout the day, helping you adjust your insole accordingly for unmatched comfort.

The EcoDasher still manages to have one more trick up its sleeve, and the clue sits right in its name. While most insoles are made from virgin synthetic memory foam, the EcoDasher is made from a combination of algae-based materials and recycled plastic waste. The insole itself is designed using broken-down plastic waste, and is made to be entirely recyclable, ensuring it never ends up in a landfill or the ocean. Meanwhile, the Oceanfoam pad inserts are derived from algae, and are designed to degrade into natural materials when discarded. Overall, the entire insole is made from 80% recycled materials, and comprises 47% biodegradable elements, while the remaining 53% can be recycled into other plastic products. Unlike other natural materials like cork, the EcoDasher insole is also designed to be flexible without cracking/breaking, and is also breathable and innately anti-bacterial.

Each EcoDasher offers 5 different colors to choose from and is available across 10 different sizes (which can further be trimmed to fit perfectly into your shoes. The pair of insoles ship with 14 pads in total (7 per foot), along with a nifty guide that helps you understand which pads to use based on need. The entire kit comes packaged in a plastic-free FSC-certified paper box which can be recycled after you receive your EcoDashers. The EcoDasher ships globally, starting at a Kickstarter-special discounted price of $39.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $69.99 ($30.99 off). Hurry, only 7/30 discounted pairs left!