Baseus Sets Sights Beyond Power Banks: Reveals Upcoming EV Charger at IFA 2023

Known primarily for making some of the most capable charging bricks and power banks for your phone, tablet, and laptop, Baseus plans on being able to go big or go home with its upcoming chargers… literally! At IFA 2023, the company is slated to reveal their latest Nebula Series Green GaN EV Charger alongside other products.

Designer: Baseus

The charger builds on Baseus’ GaN semiconductor innovations that allow for enhanced heat dissipation, maximum efficiency, and power delivery in a compact form factor. Although details on the performance of the Nebula Series Green GaN EV Charger are still surfacing, Baseus touts reduced standby power consumption, all-weather charging (with an IP55 rating), and 11-layer self-check protections.

The charger is accompanied by the Baseus app, which aside from providing charging stats, also allows you to enable remote charging either via Bluetooth (if you’re in the vicinity) or over 5G if you’ve plugged the charger in and want to start a charge cycle remotely. The app will even allow you to schedule charging sessions.

Details of the Nebula Green GaN EV Charger are scarce at the moment, but Baseus plans sharing availability, pricing, and other specs soon.