Unlock 2x Productivity: DUEX Introduces a Floating Monitor that attaches to any Laptop

The DUEX Float borrows a clever trick from Christopher Nolan with its external monitor’s vertical arrangement. Panoramic screens are great but they require you to turn your head from side to side to see content. Vertically oriented displays, like the DUEX Float, give you an immersive dual-screen experience without requiring you to look from side to side. This vertical expansion is also a feature Nolan used in Oppenheimer by opting for the IMAX format, which is more “squarish” than panoramic. The IMAX format uses this to fill your vertical peripheral vision too, immersing you in movies without having your neck go wild as you look from side to side.

Designer: Peter Lee

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Made by the folks at Mobile Pixels (who’ve carved quite a reputation for themselves in the external monitor category), the DUEX Float opts for a vertical layout rather than the company’s previous displays that open out horizontally. The reason, strangely enough, is that a vertical display is just much more convenient if you look at things. Sure, it causes less eye and neck strain for starters… but it also doesn’t require a wide workspace, fitting easily in even small desks without eating into your table space. The DUEX Float’s slim design attaches right to the back of your laptop using 4 magnets, opening up in seconds thanks to its clever dual-hinge system. A single cable connects the DUEX Float to your laptop, powering it as well as working as a display cable for transmitting visual data. And if that wasn’t enough, the DUEX Float’s 1080p display is touch-sensitive too, making it perfect for prototyping/testing apps, for presentations, or for using as a tablet PC in visual design applications.

Dual-screen Mode

Achieve a healthy ergonomic alignment while working on the go.

Presentation Mode

Easily share content with someone in front of you.

Desktop Mode

Turn DUEX Float into an independent display (perfect for gaming).

The DUEX Float isn’t a one-display-one-trick-pony either. It comes with a 3-in-1 design that can be oriented in multiple ways to serve different uses. The most obvious is the vertical external display for double the productivity, but face the display away from you and mirror your screen and you’ve got the perfect presentation setup for meetings and client pitches. The entire display unit detaches off the back of your laptop and can be propped up on a kickstand and used as a side-by-side iPad-style monitor too. These three use-cases make the DUEX Float a pretty versatile accessory. Couple that with how slim it is and you’re left with a gadget that’s more useful and more portable than any external monitor on the market.

Stacked Design – Forget straining your neck and back. Achieve a healthy ergonomic alignment even while working on the go.

Touchscreen for Effortless Navigation – Elevate your work and play with its intuitive 1080P touchscreen display.

Convenient Built-in- Kickstand – The kickstand allows you to utilize it independently without magnetically attaching it to your laptop.

Powerful Connectivity – Features two USB-C ports with pass-through charging, so you can charge devices whenever and wherever you want.

The DUEX Float has a 15.6″ diagonal, making it compatible with virtually any 15″ laptop out there. The 1080p LCD screen has a 60Hz refresh rate, so you’re absolutely not compromising on display quality. Moreover, the DUEX Float also has an abundance of ports on the side, including 2 USB-C ports that support pass-through charging (so you can charge your smartphone or tablet via the floating display) as well as a mini HDMI port for hooking to other gadgets like your Nintendo Switch. The 10-point multi-touch display is supremely intuitive too, giving you a touchscreen display for your laptop – a feature you’ll definitely find mighty useful while presenting, coding, or just simply multi-tasking. Available in a classic matte black finish, the DUEX Float starts at a discounted $199 and comes with global shipping as well as Mobile Pixels’ 1-year warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $209. Hurry, only 20 left! Raised over $360,000.