Based on Renault Kangoo, this micro camper with inflatable roof tent is your stylish everyday getaway

In a world where urban lifestyle is increasingly demanding and sustainability is a growing concern, Bürstner, a prominent name in the motorhome and caravan industry, has stepped up to the plate with their groundbreaking Habiton concept. Based on the Renault Kangoo, this idea with a stylish roof tent is equipped with the most necessary camping equipment for leisure activities and travel.

Imagine a vehicle that seamlessly blends into your daily routine while holding the promise of adventure the Habiton is more than just a mini camper we are used to. Presented as a lifestyle companion that would appeal to singles and couples who embrace the urban way of life its sleek design and modular concept exudes the unbeatable feeling of being at home.

Designer: Bürstner

At the heart of the Habiton allure is its commitment to the “Travel small, live large” philosophy of Bürstner. This micro camper features an inflatable roof tent, seamlessly integrated into the vehicle’s silhouette, adding a touch of whimsy and practicality. This ingenious feature expands the living space while maintaining a modern and compact form, allowing the Habiton to effortlessly slide into multi-storey car parks.

Don’t be fooled by its compact exterior; inside, a world of comfort and versatility awaits. The well-thought-out design ensures that whether you’re seated or lying down, the space feels open and inviting. The clever utilization of space can be seen from the size of the bed in the roof tent and the main cabin that is probably the largest you would see in this setting.

What truly makes the Habiton exciting is its modular concept, transforming the way it transitions between daily life and outdoor escapades. You can easily attach or detach various modules to switch from urban mode to camping mode and back again. A removable kitchen unit in the hood, complete with an induction hob and sink, makes cooking a breeze, while an inflatable mattress and electric cool box ensure comfort on the go. The addition of a lounge tent at the vehicle’s rear provides a complete camping solution that extends your living space into the great outdoors.

Sporting a trendy yellow hue, this micro camper is a head-turner on the streets. But it’s not all about looks – the Habiton’s functionality shines through with innovative features, making it a true pioneer of modern travel. Get ready to redefine your travel expectations and embrace a new era of exploration with the Habiton!