E-Paper Slap Bracelets

Everybody had them or at least seen ’em. Slap bracelets were usually made of thin piece of aluminum wrapped in fabric. Using the same form, Chocolate Agency came up with a mini multimedia device that snaps on with a slap. The entire surface is E-Paper and possesses all its thin, high contrast, power efficient qualities. The length can be adjusted by adding magnetic snaps to the ends. Best part is there’s no recharging needed. It gets all the power it needs via kinetic energy so go ahead, go slap happy.

Designer: Chocolate Agency


  • Magnoliaboy says:

    Holy crap! It’s just missing lasers! Common pre-order, common!!! Want! WANT!!!!

  • Deadwriter says:

    Even if the first one’s are just black and white, they will sell. I’d love something like this to have a useful purpose like in hospitals, so that it could boldly state allergies to medications, etc…

  • jackson says:

    should add cell phone capability and wireless internet and your in business

    • 00dev says:

      i was sitting here drawing a design for a slap bracelets/ cell phone for a entrance into a design school. 🙁
      well back too the drawing board!

    • tom says:

      if this thing mated with the iphone, it would be the coolest ever. id pay $400 bucks for one, and so would just about everyone else who could afford it.

  • Jorin says:

    This needs to be made NOW, not next gen, not next year, not even tomorrow, I NEED THIS NOW!
    Even if this were just the watch it would be sweet! Great concept!

    • RememberMe says:

      Well, they have one that’s a watch, but really, all you need to do is buy a e-paper kit yourself and go designer-happy.

  • Lapko says:

    AH MAN!!!!!!!! This thing is BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Freshome says:

    I’m sick of concepts …please someone make them real …Apple …can you ? 🙂

  • DelFine says:

    Love it !…
    Bravo 😉
    kiss from Paris

  • Karole says:

    Animations of E-Paper and P-Per by Chocolate are on Youtube with the links below:

    E-Paper By Chocolate

    Picture Box by Chocolate

    P-Per By Chocolate

  • sqny says:

    design : tamer nakisci
    phone: nokia 888
    video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3dF44XtHek

  • Sarah says:

    Real nice!! I like it! I just need a new one!!!! 😀

  • NaKkA says:

    Hi guyz,

    some few technical concerns:
    1) for this type of shape (radius around 4-5cm, so very small), real concern about form memory materials for the outer layer (the screen) with high stretch property. Could be easily done with some technical polymers. However, would need some investigation work on the rigidity of this materials/polymer: IF YOU MAKE IT FLEXIBLE, DIFFICULT TO MAKE IT SCRATCH-PROOF.
    2) in case you combine the watch with a hand device (e.g a phone) need to really work on the STRONG opening system that should be 1 hand operated and easy to do for multiple opening-closing step. “would you lock a mobile phone only with a weak magnet snap system”?

    personal thinking: revolution and real emergence of e-paper with very appealing design concepts: thx chocolate for this disruptive sexy watch-celet

    NaKkA … Tech-NaKka-Ly Feasible ?

  • ECA says:


    consider 1 portion is the WATCH and is large enough to read and use on small wrists…
    REST is flexible…and WRAPS.

  • patentbay says:

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  • Peter Jolly says:

    thats awesome.

    I so want this. imagine the applications …. watch / calender / appointments / map / news / RSS feed / mobile phone intergration / etc.

    though all these would require processing power which would take up space…so maybe this is jsut the display of information transmitted to by another device.

  • Jack says:

    i think we are fare away from displays working like this one….but its amazing !

  • abdou says:

    hey where can i get one of them ?

  • Juneau says:


  • wow where can i buy one of these bracelets, i bet they are made in China, time to search and buy me on ehehe

  • wow where can i buy one of these bracelets, i bet they are made in China, time to search and buy me on ehehe

  • will says:

    when and where can i get one NOW

  • will says:

    when and where can i get one NOW

  • Rashad says:

    where on the website can i buy it off of?

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