Petdali’s pet wheelchair gives Lassie extra feet

I’ve had the good fortune of having pets at home, and during their growing years, I’ve seen their mischief getting them into trouble. One of my Alsatians was quite a perky guy and would love running and jumping the fences. On one occasion, I remember him injuring his hind leg and had to limp around for several weeks. Back in the days we didn’t have pet wheelchairs, and the one like Petdali’s pet wheelchair, would have been godsend. Although designed for pets with hind-leg disabilities, and with the ability to adapt to a growing pup, this pet wheelchair is not radically different than the ones we see in the market today, but is a refined version of them. The harness looks a lot easier to use and so it the construction of the back limbs straps. Comfort and adaptability being the key words here, I’m looking forward to seeing this in the market soon.

Designers: hs2 studio and Kim Hyunsoec for Petdali